31 January 2008

First Day of School!

L with her mary-janes and an itchy Jessie dog get ready for school.
It was my niece L's first day at kindergarten today. She was very excited, but also very nervous. She looked so cute and little in her uniform. I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon and see how her first day went. It is about 30 degrees and boiling hot, not a breeze in the air. Her classroom has a beautiful high roof and a built in cubby (Wendy House), she is going to love it.

28 January 2008

Baby Boy Time

I haven't known many people who have given birth to a boy for some odd ju-ju, something in the water theory. Baby girls on the other hand, I know plenty. I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew, so I had to think hard for the - what the hell should I make for a boy moment? I decided upon a pirate for one baby boy that was born on 16th January and a patchy ted for another baby boy who is due next Tuesday. Seems like the flood of boys is on. The teds are a little feminine, but hey a boy with a little feminine sensibility aint such a bad thing!

14 January 2008


Here is my advent calendar from 2007, I made a few special days for the people in the house, so only they could open the box. So easy to make and the kid of the house just loved it and spent many minutes searching for the correct days, which were all jumbled up.

Yay! a new year, so many exciting things to look forward to. This will be my year of blogging and meeting new crafty people and actually putting stuff into my etsy store I have half set-up. There is just so many talented crafty people out there and it is quite hard to tear myself away from all their blogs. I am just so, so inspired. To get me started I am going to participate in the 30 days of the everyday, which some of my favourite blogs are participating in, ie Auntycookie and soulemama. I hope to take a photo every day for 30 days. However, I'm off on holidays till the end of the month from Wednesday, so I'm giving myself a start date of the 1st of February.