31 March 2008

As You Do.

I've been working on some kiddie prints. I think this would look cute on bags,cushions, lampshades and hats. Note: One has short hair the other long.
Well, as you do, I was reading the Sunday papers yesterday and looking at Mia Freedman's hair in her column and thinking, 'hmm nice hair' - what I could see of it anyway. It is short, above the shoulders, a bob of sorts, but not at all like harsh ol' Posh's. Then as the day wore on I kept thinking of that damn headshot and thinking, "you know what I wouldn't even really know what length my hair is anymore because it spends so much time up in that " I can't be bothered to do my hair bun". So it took me till 8.30 that night to whip out the sewing scissors and enlist my sister to give it the chop, whilst looking at another pic I'd found of another short do on the internet and she did her darndest to recreate. (Yes ladies we've all done it and taken a pic to the hairdressers, but are you brave enough to trust your sibling, a badly lit shot on the internet and a pair of sewing scissors) My hair was rather long as it turns out and now is short.

All today I spent flicking my hair across my shoulders, it feels great.

Note to Mia: Please include whole headshot so I can get a better idea of how the do looks as I don't know if you've worked a fringe into the do. I need to finish the haircut, to fringe or not to fringe that is the question!

28 March 2008


Finally finished some invitations I've been working on. I think they turned out really well. They are for a friend's mum who is turning 60. It is a surprise party and I used a button to conceal the invite. I love a bit of ceremony when it comes to invitations. The invite read You're invited - Shh...She knows a little but not alot so button it. It's a bit cheesy, but I like it!

27 March 2008

Saving Energy

I was thinking the other day about all these busy fingers out there in craftland and beyond.

Then I got to thinking of my very minimal finger usage when doing most of my illustrations, patterns and general scribble. Generally I use one finger on a little touch pad to draw, with the occasionally other finger or two to rotate and resize. Earth hour is on the 29th so I feel I'm really already doing my conserving energy bit. Don't you think? Anyhoo, don't forget about earth hour and turn off every power switch and anything thing else sucking power and sit in the dark for an hour. We're planning board games, candles and snacks. So far the top line up is Guess Who, Go Fish and Boggle.

26 March 2008

The Sausage

We have done some puppy sitting this week, one sausage (full-o-flea and woofed incessantly), one bitsa kelpie (full-o-flea and crazy eyed) and an old obese blue heeler (full-o-flea and looks like a panda bear). Ah, the joys of looking after other people's flea-bitten mutts. Our dog is allergic to fleas so poor Jess is itching from all the other fleabags. In honour of the fleabags I drew a picture of "The Sausage and her loving owner" who loves her fleas and all.

I have finally added more items over at my shop. So go check it!

19 March 2008

Hearts for Mirabel

Here is my heart I contributed for the Hearts for Mirabel. Her name is Lulu Lovely Legs and I hope it went to a good home. Meet Me At Mike's in Melbourne had a sale in early March selling all hearts for $10 to go to the Mirabel Foundation. It is a foundation which supports kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use. It's a great organisation and I heard there are still hearts for sale. So if in Melbourne get down to Brunswick street and have a heart and pick one up.

17 March 2008

Gotta Get it Together Man

Some of my procrastinating for this month included rearranging my bookcase and furniture shifting in my lounge room. I've been a big fan of colour-coding for a long time, but this bookshelf got away from me. I've since changed it. I still like this version though, hmmm OCD anyone! Saw some great pics on someone's blog about people who only wore the one colour, must find them and post on here. I love my 'Phaidon Design Classics' and what is even more classic is I got them on Amazon for US $114 with $7 postage. They came with their own boarding pass. In Australia they are $250-$375 what a bloody ripoff.

Busy, Busy, Busy yet don't have that much to show for it. I start about 10 things and then pick more things up as I go along. For what's left of March I'm giving myself list upon list to actually finish. Gotta love lists, but am guilty of adding things I have already completed. Yes, tres nutty. Must finish one complete project by end of March. And just something to mull over. Why is the Australian version of 'So You Think You Can Dance' so lame?