27 April 2008

Hat With Ears

This is as good as it gets. I pleaded with Miss 5 and at last a pic. I've uploaded this to the shop, so go check a bit of handmade goodness.

25 April 2008

I'm All Ears

No matter how much I try to bribe the little people, they just won't co-operate. I've made a cute little hat with bearlike ears with "I'm all ears" printed on the ears, however, can't convince the little person to model. At her age, 5, she is as stroppy as I was a moody teen, what's with that? I'm going to work on her over the next day and see if ice-cream and chocolate might produce any results.

23 April 2008

Shop Update

This is a very cute pillow, which has been uploaded to my shop. This is one of my first gocco prints, her name is Yumi and I've made some softies out of her as well. I have also put a few more pillows in my shop over at madeit. These are my first gocco prints. Gotta love a bit of gocco. Finally I have setup my etsy shop, but have only one item in there. I'll be uploading more in the next week. So go check it out here.

21 April 2008


I designed this print ages ago, I call it deer head linkup. I think it would look good on ringer t-shirts. Again another old design. I have been working on lots of new pillows and designs lately and will be uploaded to my shop very soon. I got my gocco printer in the mail the other day, so, so exciting. Got a bargain through an etsy site and it's brand new and express delivered from Japan for $162AUD. Here they retail for $375, yipee for me! Although have forgot to put in screen mesh twice now and have burned the prints onto the perspex shield, hmm. Hopefully haven't wrecked it beyond repair.

14 April 2008

Bird Hearts

Bird Hearts Filled
Bird Hearts sketchy
Bird Hearts would look good as journals

Something I'm working on.

13 April 2008

Baroque Patterns

Spaced Baroque.

Squashed Baroque.

I designed these patterns a few years ago and would love to get them printed as wallpaper.

11 April 2008

Non Stop Action at the Newcastle Regional Show

Anne in Floral, Jemima in Wedding Attire and other ducks on parade.
Duck Racing.

Lots of nutty exhibitions including; duck racing, duck fashion parade and non-stop historical films of Newcastle - Interesting stuff indeedy! I particularly enjoyed the scone judging, who knew it was such serious stuff! The head honcho (heavily medalled up) was hilarious and whispered comments such as; "hmm, bit dry and this one is a bit wet- hmm not cooked and she's rolled this when really it should be cut". She had a microphone switched on a la Madonna and whispered not so quietly to her side-kick all for the audience to hear.

10 April 2008

Paper Prints

Stripes and vines

Japanese Roses

Vine Cameos

Origami Flowers

I've been working on these prints today and think they would look good on brown paper wrapping. I purchased a gocco yesterday yay! I've been checking them out for at least a year and finally found a bargain over at someone's etsy site. Can't wait have already written a list of all prints I want to start printing. Now I just need to prioritise list and will have different printed stuff on my madeit shop. Must, must start my etsy account.

07 April 2008

Buttons, Buttons and More Buttons

It's official, I'm addicted to buttons. I have far too many buttons, but couldn't resist these super cute buttons - I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. So far I've made them into hearts and letters on my kitchen bench - you know constructive stuff. Only a month ago I received a massive haul from a lovely lady (or should I say enabler) who knew of my button mania. She gave me buttons from her grandmother and aunts and some of them are at least 80 years old. What is a girl to do? Well these buttons did carry a discount for VIP members at spotlight, so at least I saved a couple of bucks! Oh yeah I'm very VIP when it comes to haberdashery. Move aside lady with buttons comin' through.

06 April 2008

Shop Update - Caravan Cushions

Finally updated my shop with new cushion covers. I made some caravan cushions yesterday and they are sw---eeeet! So go bag yourself one!

Kids with Pockets

When I was a kid I loved pockets. I especially liked my pockets-a-plenty in my brownie military uniform. Handy for such things as shortbread creams to tide me and my mate over till dinnertime.

04 April 2008

Three Tree Hill

A design I've been playing with for weeks now. I've incorporated it into a collage I did, which I will hopefully finish some day soon. I think it would look good on a cushion cover. I've experimented with all different colours, but can't decide. Weather has turned cold all of a sudden, but hopefully this will kick me back on to the sewer to knock out a few of my favourite caravan lino print cushion covers to put in my shop.

02 April 2008

Cut and Fold Doll Pattern

Haven't decided about colours yet. I think this would look good as a trim on the end of a skirt, dress or shorts. Could also be used in a patchwork quilt with other graphic type prints. Waddaya think? I've drawn clothes so they will fit the body and was thinking maybe a bit of collage action was in order.

01 April 2008

Ex Libris - From the Library Of

Something I'm working on. I'd love to get it set as a stamp and go stamp crazy wit it!