28 September 2008

Glebe St Markets

Well it was a beautiful day at the markets, but being a non-regular got the crappiest spot ever!!!! Me and Naomi got there early which made absolutely no difference, even though we had pre-booked, and saw our coveted spots being whipped out from under us. Number 33 was the spot we were after and wouldn't you believe it the guy who dithered before us took OUR spot. Bugger it! And the swappers were driving me and Naomi insane. They would dither for ages on what spot they wanted and then went back and swapped it for another spot, argh. A tight ship it aint at Glebe. Anyway, had a lovely day and sold a few things. Would have liked to sell more, but considering our tiny spot it wasn't too bad. I was happy to sell two scottie dolls to appreciative buyers. I love those lil' man friends and just want to spread the scottie love far and wide. Seems like everyone, including me, has some Scot connection in Australia. Those crazy gingers are everywhere I tell you.
And just to catch up with some bloggy swaps. Here is the printsy exchange swap I participated in. I did the one in the bottom left hand corner. I printed it on material so people could make it into something. Me, I like a bit of functional art so I thought it would be fun to make a purse or patch with my seasons print. Thanks everyone who participated. Thanks Nate who collated it all. And here is the round up on the gocco card swap organised by clothpaperstring. Thanks Sarah! I was put in two swap groups so I received a couple from another group which are just gorgeous. I'll be sending those girls some cards as soon as this market business winds up next weekend and have a bit of time to reprint. They are all great and I don't think I'll be able to give all of them out. Some are just begging for a frame.

22 September 2008

Sick, Cough, Splutter...splutter

Snot has invaded by body and just won't get the hell out of here. (Sorry 'bout that) Thank god for aloe vera tissues. Just when I think the loogie has given up the ghost it keeps on keeping on, I'm so over it and so is my poor coughed out chest muscles. The only thing getting me through these trying times is the afternoon nanna nap. Hopefully I'll be fighting fit for the weekend as I'm going to Glebe Markets this Saturday. Any Sydney bloggers out there come by and say hello, promise to not breathe on you. It is Little Red's first outing in the big smoke so hopefully the Sydney market digs out stuff. Here's a little preview of Little Red Designs. I've just opened an etsy shop and you can find Little Red Designs here. For Aussie buyer's visit our madeit shop where you can buy in Aussie dollars. Haven't got a domain address for this yet so just search under seller names - Little Red Designs.

Here is a hand screen printed ballet bag I've been working on. I started out doing these drawstring bags a few years ago and I still like them and to revamp them I've added a little gocco print - this belongs to patch, which I thought was a cute idea. The loose drawstrings are secured by red felt hearts.

11 September 2008

Exciting News!

Ta-da! So I've started a new business. Exciting times! I've started the business with my friend from high school Naomi. Naomi is one top chick and I've known her for over 20 years, man how old am I? So our little business is Little Red Designs and we are at mo' doing kiddy t-shirts and then wall decals. We both have a million ideas and our first foray was supposed to be on Saturday at the Olive Tree Market, but alas it rained and poured and was called off. Just to dig it to us it was beautiful and sunny on Sunday. Naomi and I have been heat pressing vinyl onto shirts and looks fab. We have stretched, pulled, tumble dried and washed the vinyl on a t-shirt and it looks great. Naomi bought the heat press and at first we were very tentative using the big hunking thing, but then we started to just rip in and use it after a few attempts. I love the heat press, but the alarm is going to do my head in. Everytime it has reached the right temperature or has finished pressing it has an tinny alarm that plays Fur Elise. Beethoven you have a lot to answer for. In other news Little Red Designs is headed off to the Glebe Markets in Sydney in the next week or two to launch our new range. Stop by all you Sydney blogger folk and say hi. Little Red and Sketch will also be soon featured in a fabulous new store opening in Newtown on King Street called Love Miss Luck. Love Miss Luck will have a whole range of vintage accessories such as handbags, shoes and other items of fabulousness including Little Red and Sketch, so go check out their new website here. They can be found at 498a King Street, Newtown.

And just to finish up. Thanks to thedogwhoblogs who tagged me. Feeling spesh, never been tagged before. Because I'm only new to this biz and don't feel like I know anyone that well, if you want to play along feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Tagging requirements: Tell us about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

They are indeed unspectacular so tune out and click off now if you want............................

1. I create best at 2,3,4 in the morning when everyone else is long in bed and I'm sitting up watching bad television and coming up with different ideas. I have been known to build and sew at these hours as well.

2. I have lovely journals to write ideas and to note crafty ideas in yet the backs of envelopes and scraps of paper are usually where all the big designs and ideas take shape.

3. I find it very hard to chuck things out - particularly paper. I often have to have a sort through day just to chuck out all the scraps of paper I've accumulated.

4. I love re-arranging furniture at any hour by myself. I am a shortie and not very big and can move anything, I've got many tricks and shortcuts. In the past I have used skateboards, towels and sheets to move heavy things around rooms. When I was a 10 year old kid I could manoeuvre a medium sized two door wardrobe full of clothes and shoes around my bedrooom. My mum and dad were always surprised by my handy work.

5. I once held the record at high school for being able to hold myself up on the parallel bars with my arms at a 90 degree angle for the longest time -and yes this included the boys. I think it was something like 3 minutes and I only let go because I had to go to the toilet. Granted I was a complete runt, but hey I'll take the record and relive my glory days in such things as this anytime I can.

6. And just to share a shortie tale cause I've run out of quirks. When I was 16 and learning to drive I was so short I couldn't see over the steering wheel so I used to look between the dashboard and just under the steering wheel. And due to shortness I also couldn't wear the seatbelt correctly as the sash used to pass just over my right eye - creating an even more hazardous situation. What the hell was my mother thinking teaching me to drive? Anyhoo I used to wear the seat belt under my right arm and all was good until a police officer pulled me over one day and told me and my mother off about wearing my seatbelt incorrectly. So having been chastised I flicked the seatbelt out from under my arm and over my right eye and gave the officer a filthy evil eye with the other visible eye and resumed the argh, argh pirate position and drove off.

Note: Don't worry peeps had a growth spurt between 16-19 years and now tip the height chart a bit over 150cm. So not dangerous on the roads nowadays - just short.