12 March 2010

Postage Stamp Colour Play

How cool would it be to design stamps? In my books - the coolest. I was an avid stamp collector as a kid and used to pore over all the little details of the stamp. I loved all the overseas stamps with their different money symbols. I wished I'd kept up with collecting, but alas the barbie took their place. I designed this group of stamps with screenprinting in mind. Oh, the excitement. I'm off to do my screenprinting course this weekend. I thought I'd go a bit nuts with colour on these and had a great time experimenting. I'll show and tell on Monday all about my adventures doing photo emulsion screenprinting.

03 March 2010

Baby Blankie

Cutie patootie baby blankie. This prototype was created last week after a friend/one of my best customers asked for something for a new baby. I've been thinking about making a security blanket for quite a while and after doing the Evie illustration with her blankie, voila here is my version. I was feeling a bit fancy pants and even embroidered her name on the inside of the blankie. I just love the blanket folded as it looks like the dolly has gone to bed.