14 April 2010


Little Miss Seven and her little country mate Miss Four watching the horse and rider dress up competition.The pub - a popular spot for the locals.We swung by the Stroud Show and Rodeo on the weekend. We love to visit each year and partake in a bit of country fun. Miss Seven and her little country mate Miss Four entered, for the first time, the biscuit decorating competition. Miss Four took out second place, no less, and won a red ribbon, a certificate and all of $3 dollars. Miss Seven also entered the under 10 years coconut ice competition. She made the coconut ice all by herself and she won a highly commended ribbon. Nice one ladies. These pair are going to give those hardcore CWA(Country Women's Association) women a run for their money.

13 April 2010

Brrrr. Scarves are In!

Today I got busy on the scarf making for the upcoming cold months. It was chilly today, our first for the year. I know 20 degrees may sound nice to some, but that's just cold business in my parts. I got some super sweet fabrics from Sydney last week and hit the sewing machine immediately on my return. I'm loving these scarves which both adult and kid can snuggle into.

06 April 2010

Screenprinting Made Easy

Here is my first screen I made. I've since reclaimed it as I perfected my exposure technique and exposed this screen again.(see above print on skirt) It still printed quite well though. (see below)
I finished the screen printing course a couple of weeks ago now and have been drawing and printing ever since - hence the blogging break to create. The course was so fantastic and I would highly recommend it to any person wanting to D.I.Y. their own designs onto fabric. The course covered everything you need to know from creating your own screens using photo emulsion, exposing your screens in the sun using vacuum bags and clever tricks when printing. It was a full day course and the lovely Shivaun could not have been more helpful. So if you're interested go and visit Shivaun and her brother Amon who run a tip top operation in Sydney's inner west. My first screen turned out a little patchy as I accidently flipped it to the wrong side when I went to expose it. I've made a few mistakes along the way, but now I've got it sussed. I'm totally addicted and rabbit on to anyone about my exciting progress in the world of screen printing, whether they are interested or not - sorry about that friends.