17 July 2010

Ladybird Topper

I've been experimenting with cupcake toppers. Everyone loves a ladybird don't they? This is the back and front of the ladybird topper (see above) My sister does the most amazing ladybird biscuits which always go gangbusters at the markets. These ladybird toppers will be available at the next Olive Tree Market. I'll have them in a couple of different colour combos, pink and green and the traditional red and black as above - cuuuuute!!!

04 July 2010

Slack Blogger back

So it's been a while, but the craft or more accurately the DIY has kept me busy. I haven't got a good pic yet, but I've been revamping my new material cupboard, which was kindly donated to the cause by a sympathetic craft lover, thanks Zoe. In the meantime. I'm gearing up to do a shop update. So here are a couple of wares up for grabs in the next day or two from my madeit shop. So pop over to the left of the page to my shoplink. I've also been knocking out a few cake toppers which I've been pretty happy with. These cake toppers look big, but they're photographed on mini cupcakes. And, yes those skirts were a pain to pull through the hole I punched in the paper.