08 March 2011

Voila - Finger Puppet Theatres!!!

Voila, here are the new finger puppet theatres. I had so much fun making them. I used the drawing fluid and blocking fluid technique when making the screen. I may have to do a tutorial on this. The drawing fluid is so easy to apply and is less mucking around than the photo emulsion. The puppet theatres have that handmade and hand drawn look I was after. The puppet theatres retail for $60.


Miss 8's cousin Mael, taking in the scenery on the Golden pass railway from Zweisimmen to Gstaad.
Picture postcard pretty Switzerland. Couldn't quite work out what language to speak whilst there. Tried a bit of French and they spoke back in German. Then tried a bit of German and they spoke back in a combo of Swiss-German and English. Probably the most confusing country I've ever visited, but incredibly picturesque. I kept having to look around and remind myself, Oh my god, I'm in Switzerland!!! We stayed in a lovely little village called Zweisimmen and skiied Zweisimmen, Gstaad and Saanenmoser.

02 March 2011


Miss 8 and her cousins at their house in Brittany. Christmas markets in Rennes, Brittany. Whole lot of cheese and bread.
Combourg Castle.
Brittany was so beautiful. It doesn't often snow there so we were really lucky to experience a snowy Brittany. In the middle of the town we stayed at, Combourg, they had a castle. The countess of the castle divides her time between Paris and her castle in Combourg. Ahhh to be a countess of the castle. The castle was super creepy though and is apparently haunted with ghosts.