29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

My sister, the mogul, bought my mum the 'Knit your own Royal Wedding' book a week or so ago. Mum managed to knit and post to the mogul, just in time for the wedding today. From left, Prince Harry - which apparently required the knitter to use pink wool for his delicate skin. He has a patch of ginger under the hat. Camilla - resplendent in old lady purple. Kate - in wedding dress sporting a beaded fluffy number. Wills, The Queen and one corgi. All the clothes can come off, ohh-errr. Kate also has another dress to change into. Thank god - because we all know that Harry will have them going all night long with his naughty ginger shenanigans.

Oh, I'm a sucker for a wedding. I love the pomp, circumstance and tradition, especially of the royal weddings. I've been watching various royal shows for the past few weeks. I'm such an old fart and have been exclusively watching SBS and ABC and learning all about King Christian the 9th of Denmark who is referred to as the father-in-law of Europe. Apparently the modern day royals can all be traced back to old King Christian. What a guy!!!

It's wedding fever in these parts. We have a night of celebrations planned. Although we only have one creepy Kate mask to share as someone misjudged when the Willy mask was coming out!!!! We have lots of delicious petits fours planned including the classy; butterfly cakes and the oh so royal caramel crowns. Miss 8 has downloaded the latest royal ipod app, where you can dress the royal family for the big day. The corgi even gets accessorises and you get to pick the song for the wedding march. We have even heard a rumour about a party going down where all the lovely ladies are going to be tuning into the telecast wearing their wedding dresses. Love it!! Have fun out there royal watchers! Enjoy the nuttiness for all it is - fun!

10 April 2011

70's Styled Baby Blankets

I'm loving these cute blankets. The brown and yellow one sold at the March markets. The little golden book fabric is adorable. I don't know why, but yellow is a hard colour to sell. This blanket was snapped up in no time though. I love yellow and can't help buying many different shades of the sunny good stuff. I mainly like the mustardy 70's yellows as opposed to the pastel yellows. What about you?

New Circus Finger Puppet Characters

Here are the latest characters for my finger puppet range. I love the dog jumping through the hoop and the ring master is quite debonair with his curly moustache. The latest finger puppet theatre signs are made with blackboard fabric. It was so easy to sew with and super easy to write on. I got the fabric from here. Excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Power Tool Adventures

I've been busy with power tools lately. After justifying a circular saw purchase because I was now making stands for my puppet theatres, the jigsaw has been equally getting a workout. I love the jigsaw, but I have to be super vigilant with my clumsy fingers. So far, so good! After purchasing my circular saw I was talking to a lady who told me the most horrific story of a guy cutting the gyrock from a ceiling with the circular saw and he dropped it, wedging it in his leg. Ooh-err, guts and blood galore. She still made it onto her flight to Italy that day though-nice one! I don't think I'll be attempting anything quite as nutbag.

My latest power tool adventures include; a doll house to display my pirates and dollies and also some clocks. I've got big plans for the clocks. The house clock is going to be a fabric collage and the bell clock is going to be screenprinted.