28 June 2011

Butterfly Baby Shower

The Mogul is having a baby. The baker and I threw her a baby shower. The baker and I decorated the butterfly cake with white chocolate butterflies. It was super easy to do and looks quite effective. It is a super delicious orange almond cake from a planet cake book. The cupcakes are also from a planet cake book. I made up the teddy bear and the black cats. The baker is doing a chocolate course, so handmade chocolates were also on offer.

09 June 2011

Height Charts

My parent's have a wall at their house that charts, it seems, every person's height that has ever visited. We draw straight on the wall and there are hundreds of names, ages and heights. We love it and each year the kidlets see how fast they are outgrowing each other and whether they are taller than auntie's, uncles and neighbours at the same age. We have both towering beans and short arses in our family so there are leaps and bounds with some and a slow crawl with others. I only wish that we had a wall chart that we could have used permanent marker on and could be washed every now and again. The wall is a little on the scuzzy side. These are the new height charts I've been working on. I'm thinking about a family one as well. I'm also thinking I'll make some pegs with blackboard on them for those that don't want to write directly onto the fabric and they can chart the heights this way.

06 June 2011

Ice Skating Fifties Princess

I donned my coat today- whine, whinge. I'm hoping Winter blows in and out quickly this year. I'm over it already! I love ice skating, snow and Winter foods though, so I suppose it isn't all doom and gloom. Miss 8 put on the first, Disney on Ice, concert a couple of nights ago complete with blue sheet as the ice. She is off to Disney on Ice in a week, so we are in for many more performances leading up to the big day.