24 June 2012

Summer in the city - The Stardust Diner - Broadway

Securing tickets to the award-winning Porgy & Bess (operatic musical on Broadway),it was off for sangria and good old fashioned Americana fare at the Stardust cafe before the show. This was a recommendation of an old school friend that joined up with Mrs W and our adventures. All the way from Maine, approximately 40 mins in a plane, Mrs K had been to this all singing, dancing hot spot before and thought we might like it. Ummmm, love it! A full singing and dancing cast of waiters/waitresses. Who, just so happens, gets poached regularly for broadway shows. They may serve your food, but they also do so while belting out solo and duo performances. Check it out! Most impressive performance was from a waitress who poured and prepared a tray of drinks and then scaled a flight of stairs with tray and microphone in hand whilst belting out 'Cause I'm a woman, w-o-m-a-n' by Peggy Lee.

Here is our waiter Winx, rocking it out in a duo with Dolly.

Mrs W and I shared a bit of double dong dog action (does this look right to you?), waffle fries and some finger licking buffalo wings.

Mrs W went solo on this acid coloured pistachio number. I had a taste and that was plenty. Fake, fake and more fake!

Bit more craziness, don't mind if I do!

I had me some sparkle cheesecake which was scrumpdiddledeeumptious.

Summer in the city - Brooklyn Flea

Cute signage made from cardboard. Those crafty carnies!

This dapper gentleman looked calm and cool despite the high 30's heat. What a guy!

Everywhere in New York are the most exquisite pressed tin ceilings. Here are some old ceilings made into artworks. If you're going to New York don't forget to look up.

This was a fabulous stand. Sorry I didn't get a better pic. They are online. Look them up. Great prints on cute kids and adults shirts, dresses and onesies.

Two customers take their loot home on their bikes. Very impressed. They had six fold up chairs and a whole lot of other crap. These are my kind of people. Both had very cool bikes - of course!

These were delicious. We tried the blood orange, which tasted like sherbet, lemon poppyseed and the dulce de leche (caramel). Best one was the lemon poppyseed.

Brooklyn Flea is a mishmash of vintage finds, handmade and a great selection of foodie tents. It was an absolute stinker the Saturday we headed over. I rode from Manhattan over the Williamsburg bridge to this market. It is a little over 7km. It would have been quicker if I took the Brooklyn bridge, but we went to the Smorgasburg over at Williamsburg before we hit this market. Just to give you an idea of our food stamina, keep in mind we had come directly from breakfast at fabulous Balthazar's in Soho and had partaken in an ice cream sandwich and a margarita cake from Smorgasburg. Oh and I had also eaten an apple hand pie from a little market we found in between the Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea.

I know, try not to spew! Watch out for the next pics.

Mrs W and I chowing down on a bit of doughnut goodness. This hand to mouth action was a pretty common look for us! Lucky we were walking and biking our bums off otherwise these doughies would have taken up permanent residence on our rear ends! After these doughies, it was time for lunch of course.

Self portrait of me sitting in the gutter out the front of the Brooklyn Flea eating my first hotdog of the trip from Brooklyn Bangers. Gourmet and so classy!

21 June 2012

Summer in the city - Williamsburg / Smorgasburg

Just about to ride over the Williamsburg Bridge. This bridge is north of the Brooklyn bridge and is huge. The bike path is above the other traffic, very cool!

Here we are at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. Lots of amazing and weird food. Love it!

Loved these two bad boys in front of shucks, mulling over food choices. The whole belly fried clams or the clamwich, choices, choices!

Who could resist this man's meat? Not I, I'll take it and then some. Bought some for you Mrs Luck. Let's see how lucky I am getting it through customs.

Ice cream sandwiches. Yummy!

An Asian spin on the hotdog. Hmmm, weird!

These were delicious. Was a bit early in the morning for margarita, delicious all the same.

This is the Williamsburg smorgasbord, delicious food at every turn. This market alternates with the Brooklyn flea on Saturdays and Sunday's, ie, they swap locations. This was at the east river park on Saturday. We then trekked over to the Brooklyn Flea on Vanderbilt and Lafayette in Brooklyn. More to come!