19 July 2014

Digital Printing - Here I come!

These three artworks are getting turned into digitally printed fabric. Can't wait!

Latest Landscape Artworks

Poor blog, so abandoned for sporty fun instagram and lazy old Facebook.  Here is a touch of colour to keep you happy. x

08 May 2014

NEW Cushions and Pouffes

Some sweet new shots of my latest and most popular cushions and pouffes.

31 March 2014

Circular Moroccan Pillows

Super sweet circular moroccan pillows. They measure 50cm in diameter and retail for $55.

20 February 2014

Moroccan Pillows -NEW colour combos

These are my new Moroccan pillows that will be available in the next week. They are printed on a lovely  light grey linen/cotton. Some will be round cushions, others will be square. Both will be fab.

05 February 2014

Mega Pouffe

It's arrived. The Mega Pouffe. Measuring 65cm in diameter by 30cm high. Big super thanks to Miss Sweetiepie and Jessie the dog for their modelling. Miss Sweetiepie was a natural. Jessie, on the other hand, had to go in timeout.

19 October 2013

Uturn circle cushions

Finally cracked these out after about a year mulling them over and ruining the original u-turn paper cut screen. Love them!!

14 October 2013

New pillowslips

My pillowslips look so nice all together. Lots of fluoro pops in there for good measure.