29 April 2009

Shadow Mobiles for The Canterbury Art Exhibition

I was invited to participate in the Canterbury Art Exhibition giftshop this year. Although I won't get to check it out personally, as it is in Victoria, it sounds like a great art show. I love Brendon Mogg's work and his works remind me a little of my textile collages, which I'm still obsessively sewing. So those crafty people in Melbourne go and check out the Exhibition which starts on 1st of May running through to the 3rd. For more details go here. In other news if you're in the Newcastle area this weekend, The Olive Tree Market will be on from 9am-3pm. I'll be there under my favourite tree so come and visit and say hi. Crossed fingers that the rain stays away. It seems that this market has been jinxed with rain since the inception.

20 April 2009

Thank you my Bloggy Peeps

A couple of posts back I was awarded two blog awards, which I kept reminding myself to blog about and then I kept forgetting which I attribute to crafty collage obsessing. Veronica Darling's Crafty Adventures kindly awarded me the proximidade award. Thank you so much Veronica, I love the sentiment of this little award.

Proximidade is described as follows: 'This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!' This blog award should be sent to your favorite eight bloggers and they, in turn should forward to eight of their favorites. You should include the text for Proximidade (above) in your announcement blog.

Another award I received was from Catherine over at kittystitch. Thank you Catherine I feel very honoured to receive the fab blog award.
As you may see over at my blog list these are the blogs I think are fab and deserve an award so if you happen to find yourself on this list consider yourself a winner of an award. Take your bows ladies and one gentleman, Rob Ryan. I haven't been able to find myself many man crafters. What about you guys? Any fabulous man crafter's out there that I should add to my blog list.

19 April 2009

Cityscape collage #3

Number 3 in the series - Cityscape. I've been experimenting with printing material through my inkjet printer -See the text on the collage. It is turning out really well. I firstly glue (paper u-hu glue) the material to a 200gsm piece of card and then trim off the excess and voila printing fun to be had. Once I've printed I wait a few minutes and then peel off the card and discard. I put the ink setting onto photographic quality and it prints beautifully. Apparently you can buy this stuff called Bubble jetset that you soak your material in so the ink becomes permanent on your fabric. Hmm, more investigations to be done on this front.
The poem on this one reads;
Soaring pillars in the air,
The city hums to a steady beat,
Walls of shiny glass and steel,
Glittering in the summer's heat.

18 April 2009

The Collage frenzy continues

This is number 2 in the series. I feel many more backing up. Still haven't got a decent pic of the girly bird one, stay tuned.
Lil' poem for this one reads;
We're moving to the country,
To smell flowers in full bloom,
We're moving to the country,
Clean air and lots of room.

15 April 2009

Ta-da Quilts for Boys

This is one of the two quilts (doona covers) I made for a lovely local lady. I just loved making them and just love the colours she picked. The quilts will end up in a couple of little boys rooms. The oldest of the boys, Lawson did some cute little pics of a person eating an ice-cream and I think the other one is someone fishing and I turned them into a screenprint. I think they turned out lovely and hopefully they will have them for years to come. The doona covers are made out of linen, some lovely striped heavy cotton and denim. It is very Country Road/Ralph Lauren inspired I think. I also made some personalised bunting with the boys names, but of course forgot to photograph. Geez the quilts were a bugger to iron though!

Here is a project I've been working on the past week. A textile collage. I had this idea written down for a long time and have finally got it in motion. All the material I used was in my big bag of "what the hell am I going to do with these scraps" bag. The bottom pic is a bit crap as I left it too late in the day to photograph the finished product, so I'll endeavour to get a better pic tomorrow.

I wrote a little poem that is woven into the collage it reads:

Little birdy way up high,

Spread your wings to find a nest,

Not in a cage or in a tree,

But in loving arms you shall rest.

05 April 2009

The Olive Tree Markets - April 09

The weather with the Olive Tree market has been very hit and miss. Fortunately the loyal customers still turn up rain, hail and extreme heat, as the weather has been with these markets. Yesterday it was overcast all day and then drizzled in the afternoon. At one point I was talking to someone and my teeth were chattering. Yesterday I was able to go around and check out some of the fabulousness. These ceramics are so incredibly beautiful. I love the fifties colours and the shapes. Created by the lovely Kim.
These lovely ladies help the creatively challenged and help shoppers to make a bag. What a great idea. The bottom pics are lovely softies created using a variety of materials by Ally.
Top pic are the colourful creations from Miranda. She also does great adult t-shirts. Bottom pic are some really cute collages and driftwood sculptures.
These artworks by Bridie Watt are just lovely. They are very mexican inspired.
Nursery display. The lemon trees growing up the lattice were fantastic.
Yay for zines. And lookie there's mixtape all the way from Melbourne at our Olive Tree Market. Here is Kristine, the most inspirational crafter. Kristine lives on a farm outside Newcastle and has goats. She has numerous goats and kids of the human kind and makes goat soap, lotions and creams. She not only makes the soap but she does the whole shebang. She tends to the goats, milks them, makes the soap, packages it and then hits the markets to sell her unique product. It's people like Kristine that make the Olive Tree market the hit that it is.