24 June 2009

Cakes & Pirates

So it's all been about cakes and pirates round these parts lately. These lil' bow legged lads make me smile. Everyone, it seems, has their secret and not so secret food addictions and I know most people I talk to rate chocolate as their number one. Me, I do cake, anytime, anywhere, iced, non-iced. That doughy, baked goodness gets my vote everytime. Actually I can hear a cake calling me now.......

17 June 2009

Flying Dreamy Girl

It's been a while since I cranked out an illustration, so voila, this is what rainy days are good for!
Wouldn't you just love it if your bed took flight? This was a recurring dream of mine as a kid. After watching 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' and Alladin on his magic carpet I dreamt of faraway lands from my shared surburban (complete with chalk line down the middle) bedroom.

08 June 2009

Crazy Delicious Cookies

I wish I made these, however, I cook everything on flat out so they would have burnt bits aroung the edges if they were mine. These are my big sister's cookies. She is starting a new cookie venture, as she is crazy good at it and she came to the market on the weekend with some of her cookies and sold out in 2 hours. Umm, yeah, they were that good. People came back for more and were buying in handfuls. Not only do they look fantastic, but they taste great too. She is setting up a cookie business that is offering custom made cookies for any occasion. Her dutch cocoa biscuits are to die for! I'll keep you posted on this little venture.

Collage Number 4

This is collage number four in my ongoing collage series. This particular collage is an extended or over the top version of my first collage. I'm loving these collages as they give me the freedom of doing a bit of over the top crafting. In other areas I have to show a bit of restraint, but with the collages I'm just giving myself full reign to whack as much or as little things on them as possible. I love this collage and it sold at the market on Saturday. Last month was the first time I had my collages on sale and frankly found it very difficult to sell them, because I became very attached to them. Now I'm trying to look at it differently and am enjoying people's appreciation of them and can actually hand them over to their new owner. Ok, I'm still not completely at ease with giving away something I love, but I'm getting better at it.

It's freezing - So Bring on the Scarves...

I've been sewing and printing these scarves for the past couple of months now and I am absolutely in love with them. I make the grey ones with a beautiful slubby 100% linen with a wool blend on the back, which is super soft and not scratchy at all. I must have looked like a complete nutter when I went to buy the wool, as I was rubbing all these different fabrics on my neck and cheek. There is nothing worse than a scratchy scarf. The other scarves have a polar fleece on the inside and the check fabrics are flannelette. The kids scarves went great guns on the weekend at The Olive Tree Market and I've only got a couple left. The kids scarves are made with super soft cords. My photos are just getting worse by the post, but modelling my scarves and taking the pics is difficult at the best of times let alone at night and in a foggy bathroom mirror. Oh well, you get the idea of the scarves anyway. The small crossover ones have velcro attached on the inside.