15 February 2010

Wedding Fun

My lovely friend got married on the weekend to a great guy. She made the most beautiful bride and now she is sunning herself in a far away land with her lovely beau. My sister and I gave her a wedding dessert buffet for her gift. My sister baked everything and it was all so delicious. I styled it up with paper cut outs, signs, garlands and a three tiered cake stand. It was spectacular - if I don't say so myself.

Desserts included;

Vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream and a silver sugared almond on top

Dutch Cocoa cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and hand piped white chocolate hearts (my steady hand was assigned this task)

Honey and almond nougat
White chocolate coconut rum truffles with a macadamia nut centre

Vanilla butter biscuits

Chocolate caramel slice

Strawberry loveheart lollipopsThe sweet couple and their little Miss.

07 February 2010

Sweetie Day

Not really a fan of Valentine's Day so I knocked out some sweetie cards to give to anyone if you're that way inclined. The Olive Tree Markets kicked off again this year with Saturday's market. It was a bit slow, but that's retail I guess. My favourite sale of the day was from a lady who bought her daughter a doll for Christmas and it proved a big hit with her daughter and also her Nan, who is in a nursing home with dementia. Her Nan just loved her daughter's doll so much that she came especially to buy her one. How sweet is that? It made my heart sing a little to think of the pleasure and comfort the doll will bring to her Nan.

01 February 2010

Heartbeat Love You Cushion

I had an idea last night and this is what it looks like today. Just in time for Valentine loving folk. Although funnily I didn't have Valentine's Day in mind at all when creating it. I was thinking about what a loving heartbeat would look like.

Printing Drop Sheet

I've decided to move on to a new drop sheet for my printing adventures. I've framed up a few pieces and I'm going to keep some for myself and sell the rest off. This drop sheet is from when I first started printing, so it's a bit spesh. Since it's a new year I thought I should start with a brand new sheet. I'm off in the next couple of weeks honing my screenprinting skills. I'm going to learn to expose my screens in the sun and a few other tricks. Can't wait!

Lady Bags

I whipped up a few lady bags for the markets this weekend. The two green fabrics are Amy Butler. I love these fabrics and am using them sparingly. The pink fabric is a Michael Miller. The linen, I've used in the main part of the bag and handle, I've had in my stash for ages and am finally using it.