14 November 2007

Barbie Ramblings

After a hard night out on the tiles, Barbie puts her feet up while Ken has slipped into some comfy, but not so attractive reef sandals. Their date, as far as Barbie was concerned, was now definitely over.

Me and T haven't been to the markets of late, so many birthdays and baby showers. Me and T have got our stuff on http://www.madeit.com.au/. Excellent website full of fun, original handmade Australian products. I have a direct URL which I was very excited about, feelin' pretty spesh, http://www.sketch.madeit.com.au/.

Haven't made anything lately except for a doll for my friend's baby who turned one. It was tres cute with stringy arms, legs and a lovely pink silk face. L, my niece, names all the dolls I make and she named this one Lacey-Lisa. Don't ask me why, but she just loves the name Lisa, she has just turned 5 and we don't know where this fondness of the name Lisa comes from and no it's not from the simpsons. She thinks the name is quite exquisite. I suppose at her age no-one is named Lisa anymore, it's all these weirdo suburban spelt names like, Jorjia, Ysabella & other crackpot, nutbag names.

My friend loved the doll hopefully Miss One won't chuck it once she discovers those stinky plastic barbies. Mind you I was the biggest barbie fan and my favourite thing to do with the barbies was whip my older brothers with them, their hair stings like the bejesus. Add a bit of water to their hair and you have a lethal weapon on your hands.

Ah the barbie days. Me and my neighbours spent entire weekends playing barbies. I even played them till I was probably too old to play them. I remember playing in my front yard and running and hiding from cars in case someone from school saw me playing with them. Oh and didn't my Dad love me when I played barbies. Being an ambitious little player I used to dig entire olympic pools for me and my two friends, which I would then line with black plastic. Dad would arrive home on a Saturday afternoon and go ballistic.

And so many rules to play barbies. The first rule was the two eldest kids, ie me and my mate would get first pick of the best barbies, best clothes, best furniture and best accessories. The youngest player would then be left with the crap Sindy doll, (boringly proportioned with big feet, although had lovely eye lashes) and bits of broken bits and bobs, such slack little cows we were, but hey it's a dog eat dog world out there and she was a tough little nut by the end of our barbie playing days.

What is it with the stripper obsession in the media? Get fit pole dancing lessons and the other pap. It seems even Barbie has a soft spot for a bit of stripper shoe action. I went through my niece's collection of Barbie accessories and found these beauties. Bumchickababum!!! (that's my impression of stripper music)

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