25 February 2008

Spreading the Melbourne Love

Wow, Melbourne put on a heatwave for me, 34-35 degrees most of the days I was down there. So many things to do in Melbourne. Tropfest and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was a treat and all free, yay! Melbourne has the best signs, here are just a few of my pics. Went to the rooftop markets in Curtin House, great location and the bar looked great although couldn't stay for long as I was experiencing a bit of vertigo and had to get down toot-sweet. I thought I'd arrived at the top in the lift, but then you have to scale a few more stairs. The stairs are attached precariously to the outside of the building. I just kept telling myself 'look up, don't look down' and I swear I felt those bloody steps moving. Some half-cut carpenter I'm sure just jimmied those stairs at the last minute.

Sadly my favourite ice-cream shop, Charmaines, which had award-winning passionfruit ice-cream has closed down. I traipsed around town and beyond looking for just one outlet still to be open to no avail. Boo-hoo, so I had to try the shop that has replaced Charmaines, Trampoline, and it is damn fine! (I'm such a fickle consumer - try the berry with pavlova chunks-yum)

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Anna Laura said...

I didn't know Charmaines had closed down, but they stopped making the passionfruit a while back. I used to have it all the time when I came down to Melbourne for rowing regattas in the mid-late 90s. I would tell anyone and everyone that it was better than kissing boys. That was the best icecream ever!