21 April 2008


I designed this print ages ago, I call it deer head linkup. I think it would look good on ringer t-shirts. Again another old design. I have been working on lots of new pillows and designs lately and will be uploaded to my shop very soon. I got my gocco printer in the mail the other day, so, so exciting. Got a bargain through an etsy site and it's brand new and express delivered from Japan for $162AUD. Here they retail for $375, yipee for me! Although have forgot to put in screen mesh twice now and have burned the prints onto the perspex shield, hmm. Hopefully haven't wrecked it beyond repair.

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kitty stitch said...

Hi Diane found you via p&p! I like your blog, you have some nice things going on. I was thinking of getting a gocco at one point, but never got round to it. Good luck with it and the etsy shop. Have one of those too, but no sales so far!! think I try to do too many things at once! catherine