02 April 2008

Cut and Fold Doll Pattern

Haven't decided about colours yet. I think this would look good as a trim on the end of a skirt, dress or shorts. Could also be used in a patchwork quilt with other graphic type prints. Waddaya think? I've drawn clothes so they will fit the body and was thinking maybe a bit of collage action was in order.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana
The peacock cushion cover arrived in the mail today and I love it! It will be perfect on the lounge - first thing tomorrow morning I'm off to spotlight to buy an insert. I also have really enjoyed reading your blog - the caravan print is gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend.
Melissa x

Anonymous said...

oh, and I forgot to add that I also love this!

diana said...

Thanks Melissa,
Glad you liked the peacock cushion.
I've got heaps of patterns to put up here so keep checking back.