01 May 2008

Fabric Printing

Here is a print I'm still working on... In detail the giraffe's outline is the alphabet.
And the search continues..... I've been looking around Newcastle and Sydney for a fabric printer. Very frustrating. Looks like I'm just going to try and set up a bit of an operation from the garage. So photo emulsion here I come! If anyone has any tips feel free to dispense info on this blog. In the meantime I've been sewing and printing like a madwoman for a market at the Steiner School in Maitland next week.


Leanne Graeff said...

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your note. I have done a bit pf printing at home and in a small studio. You may want to have your screens made by someone else - depending on your image size.... I have made all mine myself - but it is tedious (sp?) In any case if you want any specific pointers on how I did it - let me know.


Kim F. said...

LOVE this print! It would look great framed in a child's room.