30 June 2008

Fabric Monopoly

Well, I've been craftin' like a maniac and have sourced some very sweet fabrics to make my new dolls with. Here is a pic of the dolls in progress. Spotlight had a 20% off everything in store tonight. Went in around 8pm thinking the crowds would have gone the bloody hell home, but no lots of keen shoppers still there. Bagged a trolley tonight and watched it like a hawk.(Very few and far between at the Newie store) So much better to shop with a trolley than lugging rolls and rolls of fabric around a very messy shop full of trip hazards. Mainly bought quilting fabrics as these seem to be the only ones that are a decent weight as opposed to all the crappy thin stuff spotlight is known for. Spotlight has a monopoly on fabrics here and it makes me crazy!!! Where is a bit of healthy competition? Nowhere - so therefore spotlight can sell any old crap served up by these old surly birds that tell you that you are not lined up in the correct spot. ARRRgh, drives me nuts!

Went to the country on the weekend. Peddled some of my wares, felt weird, but got over it. Hopefully I'll have some of my new dolls and wares up in a few country stores very soon.


Katy said...

I love doll skins, when they are still flat and unfinished!!!! They look so great!

Skye Rocket Sews said...

Your dolls are so sweet!
There are lots of crafters up in newksy!
I'm a novocastrian born and bred living in Sydney for my sins!
Your etsy shop is very cute!
I'm with you about spotlight,I often go into that newcastle branch when I'm visting mum and dad.
What's with the old ducks!!!???
They make you feel like they are doing you a favour by serving you!
I also cleaned up at the 20 % sale yesterday.
Have you heard of the remanant warehouse in marrickville?
You should check it out if your down this way!

floating world views said...

Dolls are great!
I also braved Spotlight yesterday, the Birkenhead one and it was A W F U L... Eftpos kept crashing, and they have the rudest staff. I wish there was some alternative, I would gladly pay a bit more and maintain sanity.

veronica darling said...

Hey there, The Remnant Warehouse has just moved to Alexandria, I've got an email somewhere with a MAP on it, so can let you know where to go! You can get proper discounts there too, unlike the Spotlight card which isn't much considering the pain of shopping there and the TERRIBLE service!

Anonymous said...

adore your work and your love of being a bit crafty....from one crazy arty carfter to another...HELLO !!