11 July 2008

Single Girl Card

So I was watching Sex and the City repeats on Foxtel the other day and thinking of all the single women I know, big total and all on one hand including myself, 3. I blame my friends, of course, that I'm single as they all have dud friend of friends. So I thought I would indulge what seems a dying breed and made a card for all us, the whole 3. I loved drawing these frames, so fancy pants!


Michelle said...

you should blame your friends what are they thinking of.them selves.tutt tutt.
i live in the country and i can tell you that all the hype about farmers who need a wife is all b dust as well.
find yourself a nice city boy ( clean cut,well organized,nice clothes,sensitive) oh sorry i think i've got side tracked there all gay.
don't give up there is the right guy out there and he is just waiting for the right time to meet you.

Katy said...

ha ha ha. Those cards are brilliant. My best friend needs one, she has no idea where Romeo is, she's now given up completely and got a dog instead. Poor girl!

truth.be.told said...

these are great! i think my friends and i all need one hehe

Bee said...

I love your cards :)

Thank you for your visit to my blog and lovely comments.

mizu designs said...

I can't believe you drew the frames by hand! Wow!
And thanks for the lovely feedback you left about my website :)

Michelle said...

you just won a great prize on our giveaway .
so your luck is definitely turning.
look out all those single guys.

Diane said...

Great!!!!!! Makes me laugh!
I am married for 34 years to the same guy... believe me it is worth the wait -- don't settle.
I am 58 -- all my friends were engaged or married by the time they were out of college ... I married at 26... had kids at 30 and 34 -- now I know that does not seem old to you but then it was and it is so worth the wait -- even though he is great marriage is more work than you can imagine.. so hang in there