17 October 2008

Girls Night In - ipod/camera/phone Offer

Being busy is such a boring excuse for neglecting my blog - I know - but I am knackered with all the markets and who-ha that I've been up to lately. But I'm back and on a mission. So the Cancer Council of Australia, in the month of October, is encouraging people around Australia to raise money for women's cancers by having a 'Girls Night In'. Which means rather than going out with your girl mates you stay in and watch a movie or participate in some high jinks and donate the money you usually spend on a night out with the girls to the cancer council.

Our night is going to be particularly good as Kylie, our No.1 hostess with the mostest, will be hosting a shindig at her pad which will include a private viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (singing compulsory) in an outdoor rigged up cinema in her backyard. Us Australians love anything in the backyard so should be a top girl's night in or out in the backyard. As part of the fundraising efforts I'm offering anyone who donates $30 to Kylie's 'Girl's Night In' with an ipod/camera/phone cover like the ones pictured above. These covers are handmade using linocut and screenprinted patches and are lined with a soft double fleece padding inside to protect your ipod, camera or phone. All you have to do is go here and donate an amount of $30 and over and send me an email that you are one top chick/bloke who donated and I'll post you an ipod/camera/phone cover of your choice from the covers above. (I can make your cover to order and to size) The ipod/camera/phone cover offer is unfortunately only available to Australian readers as postage gets mighty pricey from the antipodes. However, if you would still like to help Kylie reach her goal of $2,500 please donate here, every bit however big or small counts. Thanks

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Jedda said...

I know what you mean about keeping up...nice cases and such a good cause, I should think about one for my phone as I dont have a camera or an ipod...thats a little sad isnt it?
Glad the markets are going well.