02 November 2008

The Olive Tree Markets

Another succesful Olive Tree Market, yay for Justine, Bec and Ally - the star organisers. In the morning I was standing under my canopy with torrential rain pouring down, thinking, how am I going to pack all this up and voila cleared up and the sun even came out for part of the day. I'd just like to thank everyone for turning up, even the mad shoppers who came out in the early morning rain. This market is going to go from strength to strength with the support of all our loyal shoppers. Sydney peeps it's well worth the drive. I handed out heaps of cards so if you're a first time viewer - welcome to my online ramblings. If you trawl further in you will find stories that relate to various things you may have bought. There are super nice people over here in bloggyland so check out some crafty fabulousness over in my Sites to Inspire list. Talking of fabulous. A fab shop at The Olive Tree Markets is Rancho (Michelle) who makes beautiful glass pendants and prints and look what she kindly secretly made and gave to me (see above). It's made from my bloggy header. I wore it all day and felt so special. Thanks once again Michelle.
All my friends and family have frequented her stall and now own some of her loveliness. And those not in the Newie area you can buy Michelle's stuff online here. As for pics of the market I was so busy I forgot, oops!


Michelle said...

lovely necklace so sweet to get it to wear on the day...knew about the rain and so glad it all worked out so well...can't wait for the next one...

mel bomba said...

sounds like success at the markets, good on you! fab necklace as well!

Jedda said...

Thanks for the post Di. The market sounds like a winner!

Moo's Mum said...

Hi Di
Check this out. The story has made it on to News.com.au.
thanks again for your help.