28 March 2009

The Show is just a little bit sad...

The Newcastle Show has been in full swing since Thursday night. Full swing, however, is not how I would describe the show. The show has some fun events such as; the chook competition (where chooks are pitted against one another based on looks and breed - basically a Newcastle's Top Model Chook competition) and the cake competition where it seems cakes and biscuits date back to the 1970's. The cakes and biscuits are placed so aesthetically unpleasing on a crappy paper plate inside glass cabinets swarming with flies. Tasty indeedy!!

I couldn't believe how crappy the food, rides and entertainment were this year. After one disappointment after the next my niece won (ie, this is what you get when you don't win at sideshow alley) the saddest little doll I've ever seen in my life. After she won the sad little doll, called Wendy, she gently looked down her top to reveal a head precariously stuck on a paper thin plastic body that her little fingers could puncture if she wasn't careful. It was so sad she actually felt sorry for poor Wendy and held her so gently so as her head didn't topple off. The state of our poor show made me incredibly sad this year as our once lively show has suffered so much due to infighting within the show ranks and now with our sad economic state I fear the end of the show is near.

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mizu designs said...

I know what you mean. Bad shows can leave you with that feeling. All that tackiness and trying to hard to be FUN.