30 May 2009

Dolly Boy

Bought a new chair today to save my aching back. Being hunched over the sewer for hours on end, the dining room chair, albeit a 1960's designer delight, is not so delightful on the back. Bought the ugliest chair because my back said so. I sat in about 20 different chairs each of varying degrees of ugliness, but bought one that, if absolutely necessary, I could happily drift off to sleep in if the need should arise. I willed my back to find the white, chrome, snazzy one comfortable, but back said no, so ugly has come to stay. In honour of ugly and thanks to ugly I finally finished some boy dolls I've been working on the past week. The lovely Julia from rudyandthedodo asked me if I could design some boy dolls. Thanks Julia, actually needed this kick to get these little fellas going. The pirate doll is an adaptation of the pirate doll I designed for my friend's little boy over a year ago, excepted tweaked a little. Slack, as I am, I never quite followed through with getting this boy doll finished and in my shop. So here is a bit of a crappy pic, taken late tonight. I also designed a little chap that is so 1950's, I love him and my niece has name him Jack. And so as not to freak the littlies out pirate boy has a full functioning eye under that patch.


Katy said...

they're both adorable!!!

kitty stitch said...

I know a little boy who loves pirates too, this one is very cute
: )