22 September 2009

Cute Girly Hats

Here's an adult's hat I rejigged from a baby hat pattern. (see below) I know yellow is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm just loving the mustardy 70's yellow at the moment. I particularly love the cloche/bonnet style and think it is super cute. It was a real bugger to sew, but well worth it I think. I stuck an adjustable tie on the back so all heads could be accommodated. It reminds me of some tennis hats my mum used to swan around in way back in the roaring 80's.Here's some more kiddie hats, this time with more brim. We have the harshest sun here and our peeps down here like lots of coverage so voila more brim for the bubs. I had a big fabric buy up a couple of weekends ago, hence cute hats. I'm loving the Heather Bailey fabric (4th hat down). It is so beautiful and has lots of yellow. I threw in one of my prints and think it turned out beautiful.

This collage isn't finished. It still needs vintage buttons, I have picked out, to be sewn on. I have lots of old patterns and just love the cover shots. I took photos and used my old shove linen through the inkjet trick and they turned out lovely.


Amy C said...

you have been busy and super creative, I am loving that mustard color too, it looks so sunny and happy. Those wide brims are so cute, such a great design.

Valerie said...

Any chance that little tyke's hat came from an on-the-market pattern? I really like the style and love your version of the adult hat.

Diana said...

Hi Valerie,
The kid's pattern is a McCall's
M4478. I rejigged the kid's hat to fit an adult by making bigger and adding a tie back.