04 November 2009

Still Partying!!

My sister has gone all Martha Stewart/Amy Atlas and made these caramel popcorn cones herself. How cute and clever!!! The border on the popcorn stickers she got off the Martha Stewart website and she whipped up the stripes herself in illustrator.

My sister is putting on a shindig 'lolly party buffet' for my niece who will be turning 7 in 4 sleeps. The countdown started last year so you could imagine the excitement around here. As a lolly lover, miss six and 3/4 is getting a lolly a-la carte buffet to rival the local lolly shop. Argh, my teeth are hurting just thinking about all the sticky goodness. Don't worry I'll take plenty of pics for all the other kiddies out there to drool over. I was a chronic lolly lover as a kid and remember one time I had a stash under my bed in a big glass jar that I secretly made my way through. The secret lollies were soon found and emptied by my guts-ache brothers. I think! The frustrating thing about it was, I could never question any of my brothers and sisters because it was illegal lolly to start with.

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Katy said...

I want a lolly buffet!!!!!