19 July 2009

It's Cold - I'm dreaming in Colour

It's a little chilly here and to keep warm I've been dreaming in full colour. Does anyone else do this? Lately I've been dreaming of different colour combinations. As a kid I had this book called 'Toby's Tree' and it had the most fantastic colours. The story revolved around a tree that grew in the middle of the house and through the roof. The tree produced purple fruit. I loved the 70's pinky purple and orange combinations. This illustration is actually going to be turned into a textile collage. I've already sewn the background with balloons in different materials complete with grassy knoll.

18 July 2009

Dessert Buffet Fun

My computer is dying a slow and painful death. The CD drive pops out to say hello when it feels like it and as of a few minutes ago, it erased some pictures from a disc that I really, really wanted to use in this post. Not good for a computer just on 3 years old, bit o plastic crap. Last weekend I collaborated on a dessert buffet for my friend's baby shower. My sister and I, aka - the maker(me), the baker (her), put together a lovely buffet. She baked and I made it pretty. As I can't show you photos of the whole shebang. Here goes..... So my sister baked a raspberry ripple baked cheesecake, vanilla cupcakes with buttercream and onesie/pram vanilla cookies. I baked a three tiered stand of mini caramel tarts with fresh cream. We also had little heart chocolates. I handcut paper collars for the three tiered stand. Designed and handcut some cupcakes toppers and little signs for each dessert. Wrote on bamboo forks and spoons and sewed some bunting to match our theme colours of green, yellow and pink. The table when it was finished also had a lovely little posy of pink and white roses.

07 July 2009

Country Invite

I find designing invites a lot of fun. It's a chance to explore colours and themes I wouldn't normally experiment within my own illustrations. I'm usually not a big fan of maroon, but it works so well with the country theme of the card. This invite was for a friend who lives in the bush on a farm. Her oldest daughter, who is 3, goes to pony club on her minature horse Elly. Her dad leads her around the obstacle course and jumps. It is lovely to watch tiny pony and tiny girl being dragged around by a very proud dad. Elly is hilarious looking as her bleached mane and tail give her the appearance of Tiny Turner in her Mad Max Days of Thunder days. So for the card I did a little family portrait with Elly included.