10 January 2010

Wedding Invitation

My lovely friend is getting married. Three cheers! This is her invite which I had fun doing. The little pic is a portrait of her family. The Mrs-to-be, crazy as it may seem, wants to add to her brood of three so way up high is a little egg (her idea) that just might become addition number four. The envelope is an A4 piece of paper printed and folded and then machine sewn. Just a tip if anyone intends on sewing paper with their machine. Change the needle once you've finished sewing the paper. The needle tends to rip your fabric once you've sewed on paper.


Skye Rocket Sews said...

Clive Owens,eh?
Love it,it's sooooooo beautiful!
I need to get A's choclate brownie cupcake recipe.
Thanks for having us the other day.
Skye's in love with your puppy,Mairi thinks Miss 7 is the best and I can't bloody well get "Ice Ice Baby" outta my head.

Snippety Gibbet said...

That is truly beautiful. What an honor to have a friend ask you to do such a thing. jan

Diana said...

Hey Mel, Miss 7 can't wait to hang out with Mairi at the market. She had a ball as did we. I'll see you in a couple of weeks with recipe.
Hi Jan, It was an honour and my friend was delighted to have a little portrait of her family. I'm thinking about making it into a little artwork for her to keep and frame maybe.