13 April 2010

Brrrr. Scarves are In!

Today I got busy on the scarf making for the upcoming cold months. It was chilly today, our first for the year. I know 20 degrees may sound nice to some, but that's just cold business in my parts. I got some super sweet fabrics from Sydney last week and hit the sewing machine immediately on my return. I'm loving these scarves which both adult and kid can snuggle into.


Katy said...

I was just about to dash off and google the postage stamp fabric...then I realised it's yours. I NEED it, I really really neeeeeeeeeeeeed it. Please make some and sell it. Please.

Diana said...

Katy, I'll get busy and print some up. I just love it and as you can see am using it in everything. Would love to see what others make of it. Stay tuned.

Katy said...

I'm poised and ready for purchase action ;)