25 November 2010

The Wedding - Bride and The Kiss

Here are some more lovely pics of my sister 'The Mogul's' wedding. She looked so stunning. The groom and I knocked out the kissing booth based on this cool wedding I found. I loved it so much I showed The Mogul and she loved the kissing booth idea. So voila - kissing booth with cute heart accessories. I revamped The Mogul's doll box with some new signage. We had my designs cut out in vinyl which we stuck on the kissing booth and the doll box. The doll box was mounted with a very fetching wedding dress, which we found at the Salvo's for $30 and a similarly fetching veil and some quite ugly big footed ladies shoes which I pimped up with fabric bows. Ohh, so classy - I know. The dress was made for an extremely little person and the only person that fit into it was my eight year old niece, hence I took to it with a pair of scissors and made it a slip in from behind number - effective no? The guy in the monkey suit was the master of ceremony. The kiddies loved this little freakster. My dad wore his 40 year old suit and looked so spiffy.

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