11 August 2011

The Flower Cushion Range

'Graffiti Flowers'
'Graffiti Flowers' and 'Beautiful Flower Names'
Here is a sampling of my latest fabric designs. I am currently in the process of opening up a brand new online shop which will be a direct link from this blog with all these goods available - Stay Tuned!! Yes people I will be flogging my wares and will be stepping up my marketing game. I'm so slack and bad at that side of the business and I'm stepping it up. I just adore flower names so I thought I'd pay homage to them as well as knocking over a font fabric which I desperately need for various crafty projects. Wisteria, hollyhock, pussy willow, buttercup, crabapple, sweetpea, hyacinth, oleander, foxglove - so so pretty. They remind me of Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Beatrix Potter and all things spring-like, sunny and lovely.

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