24 August 2011

Hunter Valley Gardens - Chocolate Festival

Surrounded by crowds was the cooking demonstration by Adriano Zumbo.
Under a beautiful canopy were the chocolate sculptures and demonstrations.
All made of chocolate. Snippets from the chocolate sculptures competition.
Cooking demonstrations on a lovely little floating platform.
Fast Ed. After cooking a delicious souffle and handing it out to an audience member, Fast Ed saw the person disappear in the crowd to eat the souffle and Fast Ed got a bit worried they were taking off with his plate. He's a fast one - that Ed- and not unhot, as Mrs Walker would say. Justine Schofield and Fast Ed cooking some delightful treats.
Dean Gibson, chocolatier extraordinaire and captain of the Australian pastry team, displaying his talents with chocolate. Very nerve wracking stuff. The crowds were poised with cameras waiting for the macaron tower to topple, but alas it stuck firm even whilst Dean and chocolate helpers wrangled it onto a chocolate platform. Tricky stuff indeedy!
The Hunter Valley Gardens Chocolate Festival is in its 4th year and is well worth the drive to The Hunter to check it out. The gardens are absolutely divine and there is chocolate and food galore dotted around the gardens to enjoy and cooking competitions and demonstrations everywhere you turn. An enormous marquee is set up with chocolates and sweet treats to eat. I tried a couple of rounds of melted Belgian chocolate and strawberries and some bites of various pastries. There was also lots of information on chocolate courses, cooking classes and cake decorating. Some of the chocolate and cooking businesses represented included Savour, Patisse and TAFE NSW.

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