23 March 2012

Mexican Wedding Flags Rejigged

My friend is having a Zumba/Mexican Inspired birthday bash. I whipped up an invite based on the Mexican wedding flags that I have been googling like a madwoman. Who doesn't love the google machine, I tell you! They are so beautiful and are usually paper cutouts. Pressed for time, and unwilling to face the hand trauma that cutting out 40 invites would entail (been there and done that can of nasty), I drew it in Illustrator instead and then rejigged the invite to make flags for her party as well. I'm like that, just taking it to the next nutty level. These flags will also be on sale this weekend when I do the trek to Avoca Beachside Markets this Sunday 9am -2pm. I wonder if the mexican wedding flags first inspired the papercut artist Rob Ryan? I love his work. Do you? He must have the patience of a saint and fingers worn to stubs.

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