17 April 2012

Bikes, Spots, Flags and Skirts

A few colourful experiments I've had on the go lately. The bike panel is about 900 x 700mm on a natural cotton/linen and is $48. The spotty prints are on teatowels, one white and the other a natural cotton/linen. The skirts are such a beautiful green. My camera hasn't done them justice. They are a lovely vibrant frog/jade green. These skirts come in a range of prints from sea with boats, bikes and dutch buildings to apple trees and the owl and the pussycat (pictured) Skirts retail for $40 and come in girl's sizes 2- 14. I have got the entire range of my girl's skirts at Makespace at the moment so pop down and have a look. And finally the mexican party flags DIY kits for $25 and made up flags for $40.

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