12 June 2012

Summer and the city - the Tony awards

A person, who I'm 80% certain might be a celebrity of some sort arriving at the awards. I know, I'm so incredibly close, I'm practically eyeballing them.

Ricky, otherwise known in the jones girls household as Wicki, stepping out.

Yesterday was stepping out time to the night of nights in the theatre awards. Ever so briefly confusing them with the Emmy's I got back on track and tried to remember who the hell I know of late who has done a bit of thespian action. OMG, our Hugh! Having celebrity spotted Hugh Jackman in Hudson Park only the night before, with his son playing a bit of footy football. Our Hugh was getting an award at The Tony's by his wifey Debs. Mrs W was very excited and even called out their names when they got out of their limo. She's a good little Aussie that one. Sorry, no pics of fellow countrymen. We did, however, hot foot it in a taxi home to eat lobsters and watch the Tony's, so very civilised.

Here is Wicki getting his dance on. It's like I was there, don't you think?

Here's our Deb's giving our Hugh's award, all ostrich like and fluffy.

Ahhh, another super night in the city that never sleeps.

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