12 June 2012

Summer in the city - MOMA

You know you're in America when there is an installation that allows you to grab as many lollies as you want. This installation was quite funny as the gallery assistant kept having to assure people they were allowed to grab the candy, even though there was a sign telling people to take the candy. "Are you sure", they questioned the guy over and over.

Gets a laugh from me every time, a white canvas and someone intently studying it. This guy took a pic of it. I wonder if he'll print it out at officeworks and frame it. I didn't witness anyone taking a pic of the red emergency fire extinguisher, damn it, because I like that too!

Feminism apparently.

Don't you just love these colour bugs in front of the Jackson Pollock?

I particularly liked this Matisse teamed with this guy.

Girl before a mirror by Picasso, Mrs W has a good story on this one. I'll let her tell it later.

The Frida Kahlo was so busy and hard to get into to see.

Was impressed to see Paris Hilton's ex doing more with his money than spending all his millions on vapid socialites.

I thought this guy was cute standing in front of the Monet. He reminded me of some cute gingers I know back home. Hello Candricks!

A fantastic exhibition is on here at the moment by an American artist called Cindy Sherman, very funny and irreverent.

Just hanging with Claude, Frida, Pablo, Henri, Vasily et al. Loving the weird, wacky and wanky. That is art my friends at it's very best. Jealous? Should be! It was like stepping into my year 9 art history book.


Stepford said...

Gosh that looks like it would have been amazing!! Insanely jealous!!

Kylie said...


Kylie said...

Awesome, lady!!