17 June 2012

Summer in the city - New York Pets

New Yorkers love their pets. It seems everyone either owns a cat or dog. We have seen so many cute dogs and cats. Here are a couple of cuties. The first pic is a fancy cat who was sunning herself in her East Village apartment, probably waiting for her owner to bring back her decaf frappecino and brioche with double cream - miaow! I dig her chiffon tiered dress. The third pic is one of our neighbours, her name is Melanie. Melanie is a pup who got so excited, when we came out of the elevator, she kept knocking herself against the walls. The owner said Melanie has a spatial awareness problem. Mrs W and I discussed later on that maybe Melanie has more a mental problem! Look at that moosh, she's so cute. She laid down on the carpet and smiled at us. Last pic is a little white ball of fluff at the early morning beach boy concert, obviously he was loving it!


Anna said...

New Yorkers definitely do love their pets. It is a way to get out, take walks in the park and socialize when you have a dog. Cats are great to cuddle with. We have a Siamese mix and Great Dane and she runs the apartment.

Diana said...

I love the pets of New York. I would love to take my dog to the shop, but it's frowned upon here. I've got more pet pics of NY to come. Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

Nice cat.