15 June 2012

Summer in the city - on the bike and in my hood

So I'm riding with the pack today in my hood, Soho, Nolita and Greenwich Village.
First stop Balthazar, I was heading for something else but chucked a skid and got myself a mango/passion fruit tart. Had ideas to go here for dinner one night and didn't know they had a patisserie attached to their restaurant, so amazing.

Recognise? Harry met Sally famous scene. Was absolutely chock full. An Australian girl asked if she could sit next to me, heeee heeee! Didn't strike up a convo as I knew I would only upstage her with all the top places we've been to and would make her feel bad.

Katz's - get that meat in my belly tout de suite! This is before.

Sad, pathetic, I know, after. Who can eat so much darn pickle people?

I'd eat here, if only I hadn't just eaten the side of a cow.

This is for you Neat, Momofuku milk bar in the East Village.

That's my bike out the front of Magnolia on Bleeker. Purchased three different cheesecakes for some at home pigging! This is just around the corner from where we are staying.

A cool girl on a bike riding past the Magnolia.

So New York!

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