11 June 2012

Summer in the city - soho

Soho is so lovely, it reminds me of Paris. Cobble stone streets and very chic shops.

Trump Soho. So funny, a little tacky and a whole lot of fun. Mrs W, Miss L and I are off to celebrate all our birthdays by giving ourselves a pampering day here. Went up to the 7th floor for a sticky.

Stella McCartney shop, so beautiful.

There are so many lovely patches of green around the city with chill out spots everywhere.

Dinosaur party in a Soho park with bonus fire engine ride.

Look out below, Mrs W came very close to slipping down one of these on the first nights in Greenwich Village. Businesses receive their goods here and they jimmy up a slippery slide for the heavy packages.

Saturday night in the city. The girls were having cheese and wine and looked so cute, so New York. This was taken about 8pm. It starts to get dark at 9.15pm, loving my second summer.The weather has been absolutely beautiful and so hot. We all woke up last night and Mrs W had to crank up the air con.

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