21 June 2012

Summer in the city - Williamsburg / Smorgasburg

Just about to ride over the Williamsburg Bridge. This bridge is north of the Brooklyn bridge and is huge. The bike path is above the other traffic, very cool!

Here we are at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. Lots of amazing and weird food. Love it!

Loved these two bad boys in front of shucks, mulling over food choices. The whole belly fried clams or the clamwich, choices, choices!

Who could resist this man's meat? Not I, I'll take it and then some. Bought some for you Mrs Luck. Let's see how lucky I am getting it through customs.

Ice cream sandwiches. Yummy!

An Asian spin on the hotdog. Hmmm, weird!

These were delicious. Was a bit early in the morning for margarita, delicious all the same.

This is the Williamsburg smorgasbord, delicious food at every turn. This market alternates with the Brooklyn flea on Saturdays and Sunday's, ie, they swap locations. This was at the east river park on Saturday. We then trekked over to the Brooklyn Flea on Vanderbilt and Lafayette in Brooklyn. More to come!

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