25 April 2012

The Owl and The Pussycat

This print was actually done in reverse of my usual order of things. I usually do an illustration in colour and then turn it into a screen print. This went the other way. The screen printed fabric of this design is so cute. I designed it thinking it would look great as cot sheets. I have the fabric over in my shop and can be ordered in metre lengths if required. The fabric is a bit different to this illustration.


Going on an aeroplane soon. Looking forward to lots of hours of movie watching and magazine reading.
Here are my top tips for long haul travel. Ear plugs, snacks, pillow, eyemask and ipad uploaded with all my favourite interior mags. What are your travel essentials? Going to NYC and putting together a to do list.
Would love any crafty suggestions. I'm going to the Brooklyn Craft Fair, which I'm pretty excited about.

17 April 2012

Doll update

The dolls are finding homes tout de suite at Makespace, so come on down and nab yourself one. I'm off to Avoca markets this Sunday with plenty of pretty coloured dolls and other sweet wares. Avoca beachside markets, 9am - 2pm.

Bikes, Spots, Flags and Skirts

A few colourful experiments I've had on the go lately. The bike panel is about 900 x 700mm on a natural cotton/linen and is $48. The spotty prints are on teatowels, one white and the other a natural cotton/linen. The skirts are such a beautiful green. My camera hasn't done them justice. They are a lovely vibrant frog/jade green. These skirts come in a range of prints from sea with boats, bikes and dutch buildings to apple trees and the owl and the pussycat (pictured) Skirts retail for $40 and come in girl's sizes 2- 14. I have got the entire range of my girl's skirts at Makespace at the moment so pop down and have a look. And finally the mexican party flags DIY kits for $25 and made up flags for $40.