01 February 2008

Cool 70's Placemats

I love, loved these placemats. Classic 70's and oh so cute. I used mine most nights for dinner and loved setting the table with these. Mine is long gone, but my sister-in-law, the horder, still has hers in mint condition, so I took a photo, spruced it up a bit and am going to get it laminated.

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Jodi said...

Oh my, I'm pretty sure I had one of these too. Hard-core toxic PVC if I recall. You're blog is very beautiful .. I particularly love your clock, how do I get one? Now that I've seen yours, don't forget to visit mine - harrietstreat.squarespace.com, it's feeling a bit neglected. I think I'll switch to Blogger and vamp it up a bit, maybe we could have a brainstorming session some day soon? Oh, and a card afternoon. Bit of canasta is good for the soul they tell me.
Talk soon,
Jodi x