06 February 2008

Start Me Up!

Launceston, Tasmania airport detail. Loved the airport, very Cary Grant 60's North by Northwest feel.

Oh my god it's already February and I need to get started with filling my etsy shop with stuff. Procrastination and foxtel (cable tv) have got me on a tight schedule. So much for my 30 days of the everyday this has obviously now been pushed back till March. I've got one more bargain basement holiday to Melbourne to go on in mid February then it's on with business. Got one of those $10 tiger airways flights. Hope I don't have to sit on a milk crate and get the chequered bum thang happenin'. Can't wait to check out 'Meet Me at Mike's' and the rooftop markets. Things to do this month 1.Must stop living off the credit card and actually make some money and 2. Stop watching so much Bridezillas (great trashy tv), Girls of the Playboy Mansion (are these girls serious) and Ladette to Lady (Classic).
Another baby boy born 30th January, count for past 4 months. 2-boys, 1-girl, 1-pregnancy.
Well done ladies and gentlemen.

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