28 May 2008

Dolls Galore

Well, I've been sewing dollies for a market this weekend. I think they are super sweet and I've already had my niece crying over them and pleading with me - "but, but, I'll love them forever and I won't ask you for anything else until Christmas". Meanwhile in her room it is stacked to the rafters with teddies and numerous prototypes from me, of course the crying got to me and I struck a deal. She has to stand still and model one of the dollies and she gets the pick of the crop once the market is over. Here she is modelling Peggy with the lovely long nightie I made for her a couple of weeks ago. Peggy has a lovely flowery American craft material on front and back with a lino cut print I did on the front. She has rope arms and swishy filled legs. I will be putting these in my shop very soon.


leslie said...

sooooo cute!

Chrissie said...

Hey Diane,
Lovely dolls. What market are you off to this weekend? I browsed around the farmers market last weekend, and it was packed! Unbeleiveably so. Maybe the honeysuckle markets closing down had something to do with it? Chrissie

diana said...

Hey Chrissie,
I'm off to Maitland Markets this weekend - Sunday. The woman assures me I have a good spot. I might check out farmers next time they're on. Thanks for the tip. Stop on by Maitland Markets if you're up that way.

design for mankind. said...

Awww your dolls are so cute!

Wendy said...

Thanks Diana! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Your dolls are adorable! And what a cute header you have there :)

neilly said...

grabbed your card at the M'land markets today
Your stuff is really lovely. Was really nice to see someone selling quirky, original (and beautiful!) stuff.

I wanted a longer look but my 7mth old son was getting antsy! (he so needs an i'm all ears hat!!)

am going to pass your info to a forum of mamas that i visit online too, i'm sure they'll love your goodies!

side note- steiner markets- are they a regular thing? I'd love to go to them and do some shopping!


diana said...

Hi T,
Thanks for your comment. I was actually quite depressed after the markets, because I didn't even make enough to cover the stall. Your comment has made my day! The Linuwel (East Maitland Steiner Markets) are held every 3 months I think. There is always some lovely stuff there. Give the school a ring.

neilly said...

you poor thing! we were there pretty early and the weather was pretty icky, that'll tend to turn people off a bit.

i'll give the school a call about the next market dates- if you're there i'll say hello.


jodi said...

i really think you need to make some more nighties, specifically for two little girls i know. do you know you can't get long girl nighties anywhere? damn those fire safety regulations. love the dollies too.