10 May 2008

To Market, To Market

This print was inspired by a wedding invitation I did for a friend and then got converted to a collage for my niece. The wedding invite was for a friend who got married on her partner's farm, way, way out of town. His farm is very isolated and it has very few trees. The trees that are on his farm are just big majestic sticks, no foliage whatsoever. I liked the idea of hearts growing on one of those sticks and then one blooming into this big love heart.

Well I'm off to peddle my wares at a Steiner school tomorrow, probably won't sell much. They don't seem to advertise very well and therefore not many people show (go figure). The consolation is it's such a lovely school to hang out in and they have the best stalls with tres excellente wares. I'll probably be listing like maniac to my shop on Monday. I made some ace bookmarks last night (god so modest) and was so impressed with them I went in today to my local bookshop (very unlike me to approach anyone, in person, peddling my wares) and offered them up for sale and the lovely lady said 'yes'. yippee!


Cheeky Beaks said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog on decor8. I was feeling a little bit left out until your comment!

veronica darling said...


An old flatmate of mine used to work in the kitchen of a Steiner school in Melbs, and always brought the leftover lunch! SUCH great food!

Hope you had a great day at the markets!

Chrissie said...

Hi Diana, I met you at the Steiner markets yesterday. What a lovely day. My daughter bought your ballerina bag, and loves it. Currently stuffed full of ballet clothes and being used as a pillow. You gave me the tip on the Gocco source. Thanks, was great to meet you and admire all your lovely wares. Chrissie

diana said...

Hi Chrissie,
Thanks for the lovely comment.
Glad to know you are enjoying the bag. It was lovely to meet so many lovely people on Saturday!