18 June 2008

Number 3 - Dollhouse

Yes, it happens, I get obsessed with something and have to work it through. So here is instalment #3 of the dollhouse series - Girl with Treehouse. When I was little my Dad built me and my brothers and sisters (yes there are many) a two storey cubby house. And not to stop there, he also built us a huge platform with a flying fox (flying dangerous zip rope contraption), which ran alongside the cubby house. A tyre, which you rode on top of, was attached to the zip line and Cisco, the goat, would try and bunt you off as you approached the ground- fun stuff! As kids we played in the cubby constantly and we only came inside in the evening when the mozzies got really bad. The cubby could be anything you dreamed up; fort, shop, ship, school or battle station. We often had sleep overs in the cubby and would scare each other silly as it was way down in my parents backyard. I don't remember ever sleeping in the cubby for the entire night as we also had a horse and goats which were in the same paddock as the cubby and they would be making, what we would deem as monster noises. As the years wore on and we became teenagers, the cubby then became a hangout for all the naughty teenager stuff. Ah, cubby how I love thee!! Every kid should have a cubby. Check out this cool kid's treehouse with ladders, rope and a mini flying fox -sans goat. Poster in background is my 'I Love You' eyechart.


Amy C said...

Every adult should have a cubby too, I really want one (with a goat)- how cool.

Leanne Graeff said...

Sounds like what we have planned for our kids at our new house! So much fun - just want to make sure the zip can hold an adults weight ( hint hint). as an aside - there is a great exhibition outside Philadelphia where 17 artists and designers have built treehouses. We are taking the kiddies this week for inspiration - here's a link.

Jedda said...

Those were the days, we had a goat too, unfortunately no cubby, unless you count the occasional box or table with sheets.....that sounds a bit tragic doesn't it? On a brighter note, nice images.

Katy said...

You spoiled little git!!! That is so not fair, I want a cubby (and a goat)

I think I'll have this dollhouse as my own, as well as the others. Oooh, I'm branching out into real estate! Does anyone know how I can shrink myself to tiny size?