15 June 2008


At the moment I'm in the process of helping redesign a dollhouse, hence dollhouse line-up. I had a Barbie dreamhouse when I was little and I loved it. It was a three storey pink palace spectacular with a extra fancy art nouveau lift. As I was always a shortie, this dollhouse towered over me for many years. When I was finally tall enough to see the roof and really play hard core, my cat, Tootsie, caught a rat and somehow it got stuck on the second floor, head wedged in the lift and died. Traumatised and unable to get the image out of my mind of that poor rat scurrying around trying to escape from interiors of pink, lace, plastic and a cat who looked like Hitler, I couldn't bear to play with my Barbie dreamhouse ever again. Poor Barbie dreamhouse got relegated to the shed where I'm sure it provided a home for many a rat. Here is my latest version of a dollhouse, Miss Modern with her Palm Springs House.


mel bomba said...

Could you build me a life size one please.

I hope Jobson gets better soon.

fiona said...

oh the poor rat, he had it coming i'm sure! i would love a real life size house like that too please :)

design for mankind. said...

omg i looooooooooooove this. :)

Katy said...

I'd like to move in, if possible, please. Thanks. I'll arrange the removal firm for a week today, ok?

ps. my parcel arrived today. I almost wet myself in excitement, I needed a wee, but I needed to open the parcel - what's the most important? The wee... only just. It's BLOODY gorgeous!!!

I hope your naughty fighting kitty is ok. I think I would have burst into laughter at a budgie in a neck thing.

diana said...

Hey Guys, I know I want to move in as well. I'll have to post some close ups of the interior. I had so much fun doing it.
Katy I'm so glad you like the surprise. Naughty kitty is on the mend. He is on lots of meds, which as you would imagine is super fun getting them down his throat.

Modern MC said...

I think this dollhouse design is very cool.