01 January 2009

Combi pants are Here!

So I knocked out the combi pants/shorts today for a special friend's baby. Got up at the crackers and started printing and sewing. Nothing like a new year to get going on things. I made these in a size 0 in a lovely natural linen and cut them on the selvedge, hence the cute fray look. The print on them is orange and plenty big enough for those enormous nappies. The baby was a bit grizzly so couldn't get a pick of him in them, so I'll try and get his mum to email me a pick. The combi print is a screen print, whereas the combi cushion cover is a linocut print. Cuuuuuuuuuuuute! I'm thinking I will do some girly skirts with the combis on the edge. I've got two cutie pies I'm going to make them for and hopefully they will model them together- finger crossed.

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